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Our Health Practitioners are dedicated to offering quality wellness services, in downtown Edmonton, including corporate wellness (in-office massage therapy) that meet our client’s needs in a relaxing, supportive environment. A variety of massage therapy styles and services (including therapeutic massage therapy, relaxation massage therapy, craniosacral, reflexology and reiki) are available to assist the body in its renewal and recovery. We encourage our clients to be active participants in their healing journey by offering stretches, movement, and home care suggestions to maintain the benefits received from their session until their next treatment. 

 To book an appointment for: 
Massage Therapy, CranioSacral, Reflexology and/or Reiki

Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Reiki can help with:

  • Headaches
  • Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
  • Sore Legs and Feet
  • Increase Muscle Flexibility for workouts and activities such as personal training, running, cycling, golf, tennis, etc.
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation and Rest

CranioSacral can help with:

Strengthens the body's natural healing processes to bolster resistance to disease and improve overall health. It has proven effective in aiding individuals with a wide range of medical challenges associated with pain and dysfunction, including: migraines, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, TMJ syndrome, motor-coordination impairments, autism, central nervous system disorders, colic, scoliosis, learning disabilities, brain and spinal cord injuries, emotional difficulties, stress-related problems, neurovascular or immune disorders, PTSD, post-surgical dysfunction, among other conditions.


Clinic Location: 114, 10411 - 122 Street NW (Oliver Area & the Brewery District, Edmonton)

We are pleased to offer, in downtown Edmonton (near Oliver Square & the Brewery District), therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy, pre and post natal massage therapy, sports massage therapy, reflexology (on the hands and feet), reiki sessions, craniosacral sessions, and couples massage workshops (basic techniques). You are welcome to schedule an appointment online below, or call to book an appointment in our Clinic, or for any questions you may have. Click below to see what is available. We look forward to meeting you!



Corporate Wellness - On Site Massage Therapy

Want to offer corporate rewards/perks to your employees for doing an amazing job or to help with performance? We are excited to offer you the convenience of therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy in the workplace. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more details or to answer any questions you may have.

Our massage therapists have 2200 hours and can supply your employees with receipts for health insurance reimbursement.

For Businesses:

 Kane Veterinary Supplies ONLY
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Couples Massage Workshops - Downtown Edmonton (in Oliver)

Learn relaxing yet effective tension relieving techniques and intentional ways of touching your spouse or partner to increase intimacy and relaxation in your lives and reduce the stress from your everyday.

Class 1: Learn basic massage therapy techniques on the back, shoulders and neck

Class 2: Short review of previous workshop, learn basic techniques on the legs, arms, hands and feet.


Benefits of Massage Therapy


Physical Contact with Other People: soothing, caring, non-sexual touch is vital to our sense of well being and essential for our health. We need physical contact like we need oxygen and water and food. Ask yourself this question: How many times have I experienced affection or have been affectionate today?

Body Awareness: massage therapy can help bring an awareness to the body and how it feels. Massage therapy, when combined with stretching, can help them to prevent headaches, neck or shoulder pain, or back pain.

Physical Health: massage will improve the overall health of your muscles, fascia, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Massage also calms the nervous system and improves circulation in the body, so improves the health of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, skeletal, lymphatic (immune system), urinary, and endocrine systems. This type of maintenance care may help prevent injury in the future.

Time For You: a massage therapy session is time that is all about you. Many of us have hectic, busy lives and put a great deal of energy in to taking care of other people. The energy that is used needs to be replenished, and massage therapy can help the body and person rest and feel cared for.


Give the gift of wellness...

Please contact us if you'd like to purchase a gift certificate for Massage Therapy sessions, with or without Reflexology or Reiki, CranioSacral sessions, or our Couples Massage Workshops. 

Cash, Debit or Credit Card are acceptable forms of payment. Thank you!

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